Pt cruiser starting problem


my 2001 pt ltd. has failed to start for no apparent reason. the battery and starter have been replaced. the dealership says it’s a ghost problem. does anyone have any ideas or remedy for this haunting problem? thank you, joe


Did the mechanic pull the codes? If not or the codes did not show a problem, have an independent shop replace the crank position sensor.


Thanks, I’ll look into those suggestions.



We need more of a description. When it fails to start does it crank? Does it just click? Does it make no noise at all? Do the dashboard lights come on?

Answers to these questions will help narrow down the possibilities. For example, if it doesn’t crank at all then the crank position sensor is not the problem.


Wouldn’t start again today. It starts about 4 days/week, won’t start the other 3. When it won’t start there is no clicking or cranking, but an electronic noise(wish I could put audio on here), the dash lights do come on.



Ah, now we are getting somewhere. See, this will come down to a bad switch, or solenoid, or possibly just dirty connections at the battery. I would think the cable ends were cleaned and tightened properly when they changed out the battery and starter. The solenoid is part of the starter, so that’s not likely either. Now, if this is a stick shift there is a clutch switch which prevents you from starting the car unless the clutch is pushed all the way down. That switch could be bad or out of adjustment. If it’s an automatic there is a switch in the shifter or transmission to make sure you are in Park or Neutral before the starter can engage. Same thing, the switch could be bad or out of adjustment. One thing to try is to put the car in Neutral instead of Park to see if that makes a difference. If so, then that narrows it down to the transmission switch. Finally, the ignition switch itself could be going bad.


Oh, that “electronic noise” is probably the fuel pump whirring. Totally normal.