Won't start

My 2001 PT Cruiser will not start nothing works this happens every few month. this time it’s been dead for 5 days.It’s been checked out but no solution.new battery, could it have something to do with the alarm


Need more information!!!

Does the engine turn over…or just click-nothing??

What do you mean Dead?? Do lights work…horn…radio???

no clicking,lights,radio nothing

Sounds like either a bad battery or connection.

First thing I’d try is removing the battery cables…then clean the terminals and posts…Put the cables back on and tighten everything down.

If that doesn’t work then it sounds like it could be an ignition switch problem…Maybe not the switch itself…but possibly some relay.

If it’s an automatic try jiggling the shift lever in Park or shift to Neutral, then try starting it. The shift interlock switch may be out of adjustment, it prevents starting a car in gear.

I had a 95 Dodge Dakota that occasionally would not start, no lights, no click, no nothing. After shifting to Neutral it would start right up.

Ed B.

could it have something to do with the alarm

Sure could, but it also could be other stuff. Is the alarm OEM or an add on? Do you regularly arm the alarm? Why did not mention the alarm?

Does The Car Sit Dormant For Any Period Of Time? You May Have A Parasitic Electrical Draw That Is Peculiar Only To 2001 PT Cruisers With Mopar Sub Woofers.

Do you know if you have a Mopar Sub-Woofer in your stereo system?

If you have a 2001 with a factory sub-woofer, then here’s something to try. Should you determine that you have an ignition off current draw of 20 milliamps or more, remove the left rear upper quarter trim panel. Remove the lower trim panel below it. Install one end of wiring harness jumper, Chrysler Part # 05093966, into the Mopar sub-woofer and the other end into the vehicle’s wiring harness. Replace the panels.

There was a little ignition off electrical draw problem with 01s that came with sub-woofers. Batteries were going flat and this was Chrysler’s “cure”. Your car may need the jumper installed. Have your mechanic check for a parasitic draw.


I had a complete power shut down twice. After letting it sit for several days I could turn the lights and radio on but I couldn’t start it. I’m throwing no codes. I replaced the battery and haven’t had a complete loss of power since but I still can’t start it.

2001 PT Cruiser 2.4L stick 86k on the clock.
I replaced the relay
I replaced the battery
Tried tapping the starter doesn’t seem to help
I’ve cleaned the cables and terminals
I can roll the car and pop the clutch and it will start just fine. So I’m ruling out the ignition switch

I took my starter off to replace it. Autozone bench tested it several times and they said it works fine and to try cleaning everything. I did and for about 3 days it worked. But not anymore.

I can here the starter/solenoid pop/click once but it doesn’t make an effort to turn over. Just one click

I don’t want to have to take it in and blow $200+ to have the starter replaced when I can do it myself for parts alone.

Any ideas?

could it have something to do with the alarm

Maybe maybe not. Does the alarm system have an immobilizer function?