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PT Cruiser Stalls AM w/ Engine Cold

I have a 2001 PT Cruiser 5 speed manual transmission. When I start the car first thing in the morning it will idle a little rough and then stall. When i restart it again it will run fine and will continue to run fine all day. This issue is new, so I am wondering if it has something to do with the air temperature. My friend suggested that it could be the temperature sensor for the incoming air. Anyway - anyone had this problem or have a suggestion?

Tomorrow morning (or whenever the next morning is), turn the key on (dash lights lit up, no cranking) / off (all the way) / on / off … about 6-7 times before you crank it over. If it starts right up with no problem after that then you either live with it or replace the fuel pump.

Another thing to try is to hold your foot down on the gas pedal just a little while you start it. If that helps then cleaning your idle air control valve (IAC) may help. This problem will only get worse if that’s it.

What is the state of maintenance? Spark plugs? Wires? filters? Do anything that is due or near due.

Try and notice if it happens when there is a lot of dew in the morning, some days are lighter than others. I would suspect ignition components, spark plug wires etc.

I second Waterboy.

If it’s moisture on the wires and/or distributor, then you may be able to duplicate the problem by taking a spray bottle of water (such as a plant mister; a garden hose is too much water) and wetting down the wires under the hood before you try to start the car. You could have cracked or worn wires that allow moisture to penetrate so you get weak spark until the engine compartment warms up and dries out.

If it’s a weak fuel pump, then turning the key to the “on” position and letting it rest there for a few seconds before turning to the crank position may help the fuel pump build up pressure.

If it was a bad sensor one might expect the check engine light to be on.