Idle problems on 2001 Mustang

I have a 2001 ford mustang 3.0 V-6. The car will start right up and idle, but when I step on the gas it will stall. If I put it gear it will stay running but as soon as I try to accelerate it stalls. Any ideas. It was running fine till Thursday morning when I went to go work.

Check TPS and MAF sensors. Is the check engine light on while the engine is running?

No, that is what throwing me off. There are no lights on.

That makes the TPS and MAF good suspects, with TPS more likely.

Sorry, I meant that the car stalls when first staring up in the morning. It turns over just fine and will idle with my foot slightly on the pedal, but will stall as soon as I lift my foot. However, when the outside temperature warms up, the car will start and idle just fine. It has beem cold in the early mornings lately (below freezing), and I’m wondering if the problem has do do with a sensor and the cold temps…?

Okay, that’s opposite of what your original post says. I retract my advice about the TPS and MAF. I suspect that it is either the IAC, or as you said a temperature sensor. You might start the troubleshooting by cleaning the IAC, also known as the idle air bypass valve.

Will Do, Thanks

Your Mustang has a 3.8L V6, the 3.0L was never offered. Anyway as others have said, it’s probably the IAC. You want to check the PCV valve and make sure it’s not stuck open or closed. Also have Autozone or Advanced auto scan for codes even though the CEL isn’t on. There could still be codes in storage.