Stalls when first started, but

. . . fine once I get it going. It does not always happen. The last two mornings I have started the car, but it has immediately stalled. If I put the car in neutral I can keep the engine running while braking. After a few miles it runs fine. The rest of the day, it seems to run without problem.

You Should Include The Model Year And Engine Information When Asking For Help With Problems Of This Nature.

It matters whether the car has fuel injecton or a carb and the model year is often helpful to people who have had similar cars with similar problems or for searching technical information.

What year?
Which engine do you have?

Thanks, CSA

Try and note if there is a lot of dew or moisture in the morning if the car is parked outside. Park it in a garage overnight and see if the problem goes away. If so spark plug wires could be suspect. Any info on routine maintenance esp. plugs and filters?

Thanks. 2000 and yes, it does have fuel injection.

Wipe silicone dielectric grease on the spark plug wires. That might get you a little more time before you have to replace them.

Thanks. I imagine I can get this at any auto parts store?

A nine year old Ford product? A malfunctioning Idle Air Control motor will cause this problem.


Tester is right. Almost without a doubt it is the IAC valve. It is easy to change yourself. It is on the back of the throttle body or intake manifold. You can probably find some pictures at My best guess is that the part will cost between 60 and 100 buck depending on where you buy it.