PT cruiser has a rough idle, very boggy, loss of acceleration, smells like gas,engine shaky, really crappy fuel mileage

Please help it started a few days ago and keeps getting worse. I cleaned the EGR valve, throttle body. Replaced the PCV valve,camshaft sensor,air filter… cleaned crank shaft sensor.

Replace the crank sensor.


You are describing a misfire; you need to replace the spark plugs and wires every 30,000 miles on that engine.

All those symptoms fall under misfire??? Even gas smell?

Unfortunately the car was sitting for a couple years so idk how the upkeep was done on it. Also I’m noticing oil some sort of liquid soak every where underneath by the crankshaft the alternator is pretty caked up as well

People generally don’t perform maintenance on vehicles that are not being used, the “upkeep” would be up to you before driving the car. Did you remove the old fuel from the tank and fill with fresh fuel?

Yes I did had a complete system flush done to was running fine till recently and now it’s to the point where it’s going to high rpm and staying there till I let gas pedal go to shift. And I’ve read that is common issue with the pt cruisers… Any suggestions on the soaked engine by camshaft and alternator Area? And suggestions on plugs and wires?

What about the gasoline? You said it had been sitting for several years. Does this mean it still has that several years old gas in it and how long after being put back on the road did this problem start?

If so, it needs to come out and be replaced with something fresher.

Gasoline was replaced. And this happened right after I went to givey buddy a jump and instead of hooking up the negative to the battery he attached it to the hood latch and it shot huge spark and I am pulling p601 1683 codes. Can’t I rest the the computer by disconnecting the battery?

That’s why you attach the negative clamp to a piece of metal (I always attach to the Engine if it has a spot) and not the battery. It’s going to spark and if the dead battery is outgassing, it could explode (Hydrogen gas, think Hindenburg). For the codes you’re pulling now, are you 100% certain that everything else was connected correctly? (ie you didn’t attach one of the positive clamps to a negative)

That’s worth a try. Suggest to remove both cables from the battery and connect them together overnight, then hook them back up to the battery the next am.

Model year & engine?

I expect you already know the first p code is for a memory failure on the power train module. That’s probably not good news.

2001 2.4 non turbo base model

No they were hook up directly only difference is that the negative was hooked to the hood latch on base of the car and it shot pretty good size spark. After that a couple hours of drivingis when is started to act up then it just died on me while driving about 45mph everything shut off and when I pulled over turned the key off then back on I got nothing no crank. Everything else worked. Lights radio all that work just no crank. Well then I looked up a fuse to check and sure shit it was blown changed that then when it did turn over that’s when the chugging and low idle and gas smell came into play

Maybe see if there’s a fuse for the ECM and see if that one is blown?

Well it has 2 codes that are coming up p1684 and 601 which is O2 sensor. Now can I just clean the sensor or do I have to get a new one??. Also my pt has like a hissing noise now to it can’t figure out exactly where almost as if it’s coming from the map sensor or the the tube in the back that connects to the EGR valve

I think you still have an electrical problem.
Likely one of the devices that fuse feeds power to.
How many amps was this fuse? What’s it named for on the fuse panel label?

I wouldn’t get an 02 sensor just yet, but I don’t think they can be cleaned with much luck. I’d want to get rid of the 1684 code first. The hissing noise could be air getting sucked through the throttle body as the engine tries not to stall (you said the engine was “shaky”, I’m assuming at idle).

Tell us again how all this came about. Did the problems come before or after the jump start. And what exactly are the issues other than the 2 codes? High idle or low idle, smell of fuel out the exhaust, etc.


Those codes suggest the engine and transmission computers were damaged.


Agreed. Although it could be something as simple as a blown out fuse. Which would be really nice! :grin:

Okay so about a week ago I went to give my buddy a jump and I let him hook up the cables well on his he can access his terminals very easily versus the pt the air filter cover covers the battery so he hook the positive up on terminal and the negative up to my hood latch. I get there is suppose to be a spark but this one was pretty big. So the jump work I left and not to long after I noticed the the loss of power. So got it back home and let it sit over night. Next morning I star it up and I noticed I was ten times louder then normal. Sounded like A very low rev. And I smelled a strong odor of gas l. I popped the hood and seeing that my engine is shaking horribly. I lose so much power going up hills. And the most recent thing is it’s shifting to the point where I’m at such high roms I have let my foot off before it finally kicks the it still seems like it needs to shift again