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PT Cruiser Air Bag Light Goes On and Off Randomly

I have a 2002 PT Cruiser who’s airbag light seems to go on and off randomly.

Some days it will stay off all day. Other times it will stay lit for days on end.

Some times it will go off for 10 to 20 seconds, then come back on with a chime for 10 seconds, then off again. Off…on…off…on…it will do it for 45 minutes or so or until the car is shut off and restarted.

Occasionally, the light coming on seems to correspond with hitting a pot hole or rough patch, but that could just be coincidence because it is not consistent.

Both the driver and passenger airbags were replaced about a year ago, during round 1 of fixing this problem (to get through state inspection.) It worked for about a year, and now its back. It makes me think I was taken for almost $2,000 replacing those in the first place. The steering wheel clockspring was also replaced around the same time.

Any ideas? I see from searching online that I am not the only one that has seen this with this model car.

From my experience the seatbelt sensors are usually the most likley candidate, when airbag lights go astray. The only way to fix it is replace the buckle. With that said a dealership should becable to scan the system and tell you exactly what the issue is.

When the light is on, does the horn work? If not, then the clockspring is likely to be the culprit again.

Fortunately, yes. The horn works all the time.

Seatbelt sensor are not something that has been looked at. I will get it scanned again and go from there. Thanks for the help.

we all know that Crysler has problems with clocksprings but I’m not 100% sure about the clockspring being the problem sounds like we need somone who knows wj=hat they our doing with safty systems

JFMCGowan…just an FYI. When the airbag light is on…your airbags will not function in a collision.