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Proper mechanical advice

2001 Chevy Prism door mechanism- broke. How do I ask a mechanic who does cars to fix it

Easy , just tell them the door does not work . It is their job to find the problem and fix it.


A body shop would also be another good place to try, they might be able to fix it cheaper than a regular mechanic


Show the shop the problem and ask if they can repair it. The bigger problem is deciding which shop to use. For that suggest to ask your friends, co-workers, fellow church-goers/bar-hoppers etc who they use to repair their own cars. Then interview of couple of those shops, preferably inde shops, not chains, making sure they have experience working on your make/model. Be sure to tell the shop which of their customers it was that recommended them to you. Gives you some leverage in dealing w/the shop.

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