Repair shop competence



I have a '04 BMW X5 with a broken passenger side door handle mechanism. The interior handle works find, the exterior handle pulls but, does not open the door. My question is, who is more competent to repair the mechanism inside the door? A mechanic or a body shop?


Either shop. A body shop may be less expensive as labor rates are generally lower.


Any competent mechanic should be able to take cars of this. I’d want someone who has knowledge of BMW vehicles. Either a dealer or an independent BMW specialist. Take your pick.


You want a man with experience with that exact model and that exact job,no matter where you find him.

This could turn into an accidental “key on” with airbag disconnected and then you get a airbag light. Perhaps a generic body shop will not be able to turn the light out and send you off to get the light turned off on your own.