PROM for a 1982 Corvette

I need a replacement PROM for my original factory PROM. GM does not make these anymore. I do not want a performance PROM. I understand that there is a Revised standard PROM for my car. I cannot locate one. Need help.

The Dark Years…Have you tried going through a Corvette Owners Club or group? You may have to obtain the correct “blank” e-prom and have it “burned” (make a copy) of the factory chip some kind soul loans you…

Last Corvette I was in was a '63 split. What’s a “PROM” ? Rocketman

Have you asked this on one of the Corvette forums? You’ve contacted the auto recyclers? Checked Ebay?

(PROM = Programmable Read Only Memory)

Basically, it tells the feedback QuadraJet what to do in response to the oxygen sensor…

Ugh - ‘feeback Quadrajet’ - I’d be looking at an aftermarket FI setup…

The people that sell the performance PROMs might be able to make you a “stock” one.

Some people feel “Factory Stock” is more important. It’s not a car, it’s an “investment”…

I checked, I think '82 was the first year for FI:
“The 1982 Corvette engine bay did offer a glimpse into the future. A new fuel delivery system called “Cross-Fire Injection” made it’s debut. Sometimes called “Throttle Body Injection”, it can be thought of as a combination of a carburetor and fuel injection. The new system enabled the engine to be rated at 200 hp and still satisfied the increasingly stringent anti-smog regulations. A new electrical fuel pump integral to the gas tank was part of the system.”

Yup, the one modern part of that computer. I would bet that somebody could use the wrong one on the theory that all memory is about the same.

In 1982, when Motorheads were offered a 200hp smog car, they just laughed and went back to polishing their '69 427’s…

Thank you for your response. You are right, I should contact Hypertech - they provide the performance PROM.
I have been searching along with my mechanic for 2 months.

Thanks for your response. Living in Houston I thought that i could find anything. Ebay did not have anything related to PROMS. We are having a Corvette show coming in March to Houston. Maybe I can get a lead there.
I have been searching with my mechanic for 2 months. But, I should try the 5 Corvette clubs in the Houston area.

The smog era Vettes aren’t going to wise investments, they are the Mustang II’s of the Corvette world, nobody really wants one. You can sell concours quality 57 fuelies, 63 split windows, or 67 427s, for upwards of $100k all day long. But you’ll have a hard time finding anyone willing to take a 73-82 Corvette off your hands for 1/10 that amount.