Chevy 229 stroker build

I have a 1981 malibu classic 2 door with a 3.8 229 stock engine transmission is unknown. I have decided to do a stroker build as this engine only has 56,000 miles on it but I have never done this before so could someone please help provide me with tips and a parts list ( I can’t find anything on 229 strokers ) thanks.

That’s because there isn’t any

There is for the Buick 3.8 231, but that’s a totally different engine, no parts interchange.

Replacing the 229 with a 4.3 L engine is an economical improvement, many were built. Most people replace the old 6 with a V8.

Just because it is named a Malibu Classic does not mean it is a classic. 81 is in the terrible smog years, unless you live some place with no emissions inspection, don’t even think about modifying the engine. If you don’t have inspections, I would see in a late model Chevy pickup 4.3 V6 wi=ould fit. Over 300 hp and good fuel economy.

Even if there were parts to build a 229 stroker (there aren’t) you would still have issues with the 200 transmission. We used to call those the cellophane transmission…because they were so weak. They won’t stand up behind a decent 4.3 V6 either.

Bite the bullet and swap both… or leave it alone.

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My sis had a 77 Buick Apollo w/3.8 and auto trans. What a slug. Had to be identical to this Chevy. Identical as in low tech. Carb motor. 3 spd weak auto trans. Gutless combo.
81-82 had the E2ME carb though.

No it was not identical. It was a Buick 3.8 liter V6. Similar but not identical.

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Personally I would be more impressed if this Malibu ( Classic ? ) was put in show room condition just as it is and a few cosmetic touches.

LS swap with a 4l60 trans. Or leave it stock. Those are my two votes. Not that anyone asked :grin:

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The 3.8 in my 05 Buick is pretty decent. Whatever V6 was in my first car (1982 Grand Prix) was pretty awful. I’m assuming it may have been a carbed 3.8 with a smog pump, low flow heads, etc. I’ve never researched what motors came in Grand Prix’s back then.

The 82 Grand Prix had the Buick 3.8 231cid which had the same HP rating as the Chevy, 110hp. The trade school I went to in 1994 had a 1983 Malibu wagon with the 3.8 and it could climb the hill going back to campus but it really struggled. The 90 Celebrity with a 3.1V6 didn’t really notice the hill by comparison.

An 83 Malibu with a 90 degree 3.8 V6 (a 305 Chevy V8 minus 2 cylinders) was a heavier RWD car while a 90 Celebity with a 3.1 L 60 degree V6 was a 400 lb lighter FWD car.

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