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Mustang fuel tank fitment problem

I have a 1979 mustang and i did a cab to EFI conversion to a 1991 EFI motor in it. I was going to use the fuel tank from the 91 because of the in-tank fuel pump but it will not fit. I don’t have the tank for the 79 and was wondering if any one knows a way to put a in-tank fuel pump into the 79 without spending a thousands on a fuel cell?

I don’t think you should have to spend thousands on a fuel cell unless you get the jewell encrusted Tiffany model. Look at ebay for ‘racing fuel cell’. Of course you’ll need one that will accomodate an internal electric pump. There are dozens listed.

Thanks I guess that I was not clear in that I want the tank in the stock location as I have a hatch back and cant do a trunk mounted fuel cell.

I haven’t looked lately, but there are electric fuel pumps that mount outside of the tank - have you looked for those? would be one place to check.

So I guess I will change my question. Do any of you know if a 79 fuel tank will accept a 91 fuel pump? The reason that I want to know is I have all the fuel lines from the 91 and pump installed and to put a inline fuel pump would cost more than a fuel tank as I would have to re-plumb the whole fuel system from the tank to the fuel rails with high pressure lines and AN fittings along with getting a new tank as the 91 will not fit.