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Product recommendation: Siphon

I use a Syringe to suck out PS fluid - it worked well on my Acura.

But on Mazda, there are two reservoirs - connected via a narrow tube - so I had to remove the top reservoir/hose to get to the bottom one - had it done twice and it looks like I emptied 50% of the fluid.

After the first try, perhaps the new fluid (Full Syn) got to work and brought out more dirt.

In the process my Disposable Syringe failed. I am looking for a replacement. Perhaps better if It has narrow tube that can be inserted through the hose so I do not need to remove the top reservoir.

Any recommendation on such product?
I am also looking for a spray bottle to hold ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks. Not sure if “205” might need a special material to hold it.

I tend to go to Autozone or O’Reilly or Amazon.

Thanks for the tip.

I bought some clear tubing in an aquarium section of some pet store, works very nicely to get fluids from tight places.
I had a little bit of PS leak in Mazda (more like “seepage”), so I bought some Lucas product claiming to stop PS leaks, adding a quarter of what they recommended patched that seepage quite nicely: level is solid for something like 15K miles.

I have used a baster, like a turkey baster on PS resevoirs.

Why not use an ordinary suction gun?


I use my wife’s turkey baster for that task. I usually get yelled at for it though.

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