PS Fluid flush guidelines for 2013 Mazda5

What are the common sense guidelines for flushing the PS fluid on a 2013 Mazda5?

It has 95k miles and the PS fluid is black - it might be the original.
This is not something that you can suck the fluid out (I suck 1qt on a Honda) and fill the reservoir due to the construction.

I am thinking of flushing it - thoughts?

Unhook the low pressure ps hose from the rack and it will all drain out. Replace the fluid and maybe do it again. I don’t know how you would flush the fluid or if it would be better than a drain and fill.

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Sometimes using a turkey baster to suck up the p/s fluid in the reservoir and replacing it with new will do the trick.Remember that you will need to do this several time until all the old fluid is replaced.

I have a syringe that I use on my Honda’s. But it won’t work on Mazda5 because the diameter of the tube is thick.

there is a small reservoir and then the actual reservoir is underneath - connected through 90 degree turns. Someone used a aquarium hand pump to get the job done. I am looking to buy one but it needs to have small and flexible tube. Finding one is the issue?

You will find that in most hardware stores.

Be sure to use the right fluid. Hondas, for one, have a specific PS fluid. Some cars can use auto trans fluid such as ATF+4.

Remove the return hose from the electric power steering pump (item 6),

and point the hose into a catch container.

Plug the hose nipple on the pump.

Fill the reservoir with new power steering fluid.

Have a helper start the engine and as it idles have them turn the steering wheel back and forth while at the same time adding fluid to the reservoir.

If required, shut the engine off so the fluid level doesn’t drop too far.

Continue until the fluid coming out the return hose is the same color as the fluid being poured into the reservoir.

Reinstall the return hose and check the fluid level.