Siphon or a 50ml Syringe better for Power Steering Fluid (draining)

1999 Integra
I want to drain Power Steering Fluid as much as possible without damaging PS pump.

I could use a Siphon to drain - not sure how much it will take out even with the gravity.

I can also use MixMizer 60ml syringe too.

What is the best mtd to do w/o damage to the pump ? Will the Siphon drain more than the Syringe through gravity action? Some cheap repair shops use this. Should I still turn the steering knock to knock with front of the car elevated?


Use a turkey baster - cheap and easy to find .

In terms of just getting it done both will do about the same thing. The syringe will probably just be easier & more straightforward.

Does it really matter? Both can do the job. Neither will damage the pump. So take your pick.

After the initial removal, fill up with fresh fluid, turn the steering wheel a few times, and repeat the removal. You can now try the other instrument if you wish.

What SteveF said. And spring for the Honda fluid, just to be sure.

You say 50-ml syringe?!?! I’d do a trade study to see which is faster: empty the reservoir 50-ml at a dip; or go buy a turkey baster and empty the reservoir in a few slurps.

Turkey Baster at Safeway is only 1.5 fl oz = 45ml

In any case, when you use it, will it drain beyond the reservoir?

Turkey baster = 45 ml. Oh, I must have been thinking of something else (maybe the coolant hygrometer I used to have). I do my turkey basting with a spoon and brush.

Thanks for setting me straight.

That’s a small turkey baster!

I find a turkey baster is messier than a cheap siphon pump. I’ve tried both, and usually make more of a mess with the baster.

@scionf , don’t worry about draining ‘beyond the reservoir’. Just get out what you can, refill, start the car, turn the wheel back and forth, turn off the car, get out what you can again, refill, start the car, turn the wheel back and forth, and top off if need be. This won’t get out 100% of the fluid, but it’ll be the great majority of the fluid. What you’re doing is replacing the depleted additives in the fluid, you don’t have to get 100% out to do that.

I use a bit of clear flexible hose and siphon.
The bottom center of my reservoir is raised and a baster can’t tilt to the side and get the sediment at the very bottom.

And I don’t worry about it!!!

I used a turkey baster on my Taurus - on my Camry, the opening there is too small to get a turkey baster in, so I can’t use it. Instead, I use a $3 fluid transfer pump I bought at Harbor Freight. Works great for that purpose.

EllyEllis: “And I don’t worry about it!!!”

Proof that the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” method is the most cost effective approach to car maintenance … NOT!!!

Never fixed on in my 60 years of driving, cost effective for me.

Then there is the 125 PSI air hose but you will have to do a brain flush first. You only do a brain flush when a brain drain is too slow. Don’t refill the brain or you can’t use the air hose method. If a shop does the air hose method, don’t let them charge you for an external engine lube because it requires no extra work.