ProComp Install issues

Just put the ProComp ignition system in my 77’ Ford pickup(replacing single point). The kit came with a computer, magnetic distributor, and a coil. I installed the entire ignition kit three days ago. The day it was installed it ran great, the next day it ran great, but today, nothing. The only thing that I changed was the air filter! I took the coil wire off the distributor and set it on the block, just to see if it was sparking. It doesn’t spark when it cranks, but it does spark a few times when I stop cranking? Any clues?

What Did Tech Support At ProComp Tell You When You Called Them ?

Didn’t even think about tech support, I’ll give them a call.

You also might go through each step of the installation, maybe a part/screw/whatever has worked loose.

Make sure power is provided to the coil when the starter motor is rotating the engine.
If there is no power then it’s likely the ignition switch is failing or there is a wiring hiccup. If the latter this should not be a hard to figure out problem though.