It cranks but won't start

This problem was sparatic. First time cranked it till battery died when I charged it it started. Second time I replaced the battery and it started. Now it did it again so I bought a distrabuter package I’m putting it in tomorrow and will update the results. Oh yea checked for spark and didn’t see one.

“Oh yea checked for spark and didn’t see one.”

There’s your problem. Figure out why there is no spark. Like, bad distributor cap, bad rotor, bad pick-up coil, bad coil, bad ignition module…

Thats why I bought the package. Allin one. Cost 340.00. Includes all the electronics. Could have bought cap and rotor for 70.00. Why?

Either the coil is making spark, and it is leaking before it gets to the plugs, or it is not making spark at all.

MY GOD…WHAT DID YOU BUY? Dont tell me you bought a new distributor and coil? ITS WAY TOO EARLY FOR T HAT…if I were you I would NOT open that package…and return it! Save your 340 bucks and start diagnosing this issue from the smallest cheapest item and work your way back to the bigger more xpensive items. JEEZ you are seriously jumping the gun here. This should be rather ez to diagnose…start slow and small and work up…You just went in willy nilly and bought items you DONT NEED

This is probably a 20 dollar problem…RETURN that 340 Kit of whatever is in it…

This may be a simple wire from the coil to the distrib cap…a faulty cap…a faulty rotor… START SMALL MAN… YOU are wasting major money here so far.

You were right. Put the package in and same thing different day. Cranks but won’t start. So ruled out the cap and rotor and coil all in one you know in the package. Might be the computer? Was told I can get one used for $50.00.

Oh yea one thing when I pulled the old distributor out there was no O ring and had oil leaking down the block. Always wondered where the oil was leaking from.