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2.8 MFI engine with direct ignition system

sometimes the engine will start and run properly, most of the time it only starts and will run only a few seconds. When it is malfunctioning the engine check lite will flash(at various flash rate) and the coolant fan will come on. This occures also with the ignition on, Not running… I have replaced 2 coolant sensers. The fuel pressure stays about 38 lbs. under all conditions. Need help. Thanks.

Celebrity means its a old one correct? a OBD1 car correct? direct ignition=waste fire spark correct? many,many miles correct? Problem is car starts and dies but just sometimes correct? don’t place to much hope on that flashing light helping with this as the diagnostics were very primitive at the time of the Celebrity.

Any chance you get a manual and work the troubleshooting chart and tell us how far you get?

Correct my conclusions and we can move on.

The radiator cooling fan coming on means that the engine computer has gotten the voltage signal from the engine coolant temperature sensor CIRCUITRY (wires) that the engine is hot (and needs cooling). There may be a short, or open, in that wiring.
Tools needed: mind; multimeter; wiring diagrams; any other information/instructions.

Oldy but goody '89, have a Chilton Manual, doesn’t have a troubleshooting chart, 200,000. miles, isn’t eligble for clunker program, too good mileage. Any other book you could suggest. Thanks for the help,