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88 celebrity won’t start warm and stalls while driving. Stumped!

Im curious if anyone has had this problem with a chevy celebrity, first of all its 1989 chevy celebrity 2.8 v-6 with 143,000 miles on it, I have owned it since april of 2009 and it ran great until the summer of 2010, then a problem started to occur. When the car is cold it starts, once warm it may not start for hours which doesn’t work for a daily driver. Now I have changed fuel pump twice, fuel regulator twice, new fuel rail, fuel filter, crankshaft sensor, ignition module three times, coil packs once, spark plug wires, fuel injectors once with a new wire loom to the injectors, ecm twice thinking it was the computer, ignition switch once, new starter, new battery, even got a new radiator to try to keep the car cooler, but nothing helps, it will start when cold but will just turn over but not start up till it cools off. Also it will after driving for a while and the car is warm will from time to time just shut off and not start again, I am stumped on this car and am looking for any help that I can find, much appreciated if anyone can help me out.

Also not catalytic converter

How do expect someone to help you when the 88 Celebrity didn’t have a MAF sensor?


The parts you replaced indeed were all possible culprits. Generally when an engine wont start it’s either b/c of lack of fuel, or lack of spark. IMO your best bet is to focus on that question first. Once you know that it makes the rest of the diagnosis much easier. When this happens are you getting a good robust visual spark at the spark plugs?

Sorry That was a mistake. I don’t know why I put that. But I will add that I also checked compression and that was good too

Yes we are getting that. Checked all plugs

From what I’m getting is this is a common problem with these cars but no one has came up with a fix. Or no one has posted the fix on any forums I’ve looked at

From, what I’m seeing – at least on certain versions of this engine – there is an MAFpart installed, but its airflow output isn’t connected to the computer. Only its intake air temperature sensor is monitored. In any event a problematic MAF wouldn’t usually cause a fails-to-start problem.

The only thing I see is a reference to a possible systematic electrical system problem caused by poor conduction when an electrical connector contact corrodes. But you’d think if that was the cause you’d either have no spark or no fuel. Since you say you have spark, have you checked for no fuel when this happens?

You’ve spent more on parts for this thing than it would have cost to buy a newer, better car.


I’d get a can of starting fluid, Next time it doesn’t start, open the air cleaner and spray some in.

That would tell you if it’s fuel or spark related.

Check your fuel lines for exposure to a heat source. Maybe there’s a missing heat shield causing fuel boiling. Monitor fuel pressure when it acts up. Also, I know you said you replaced coils and module, but these are very suseptible to overheat. Wouldn’t hurt to double-check them. You are supposed to coat the surface of them with some type of electrical grease where they make contact with engine to help keep them cool.