Flashing engine lights

I recently got my alternator replaced in my 2006 pt cruiser with 113000 miles afterwards my car started overheating and I have never had a problem with this car turns out there is now a hairline crack in radiator so it was overheating today, and now my check engine light came on (this was all done by a mechanic that was a family friend)and kept flashing and than went off and away… Please help with advice I googled that it’s really bad for CEL to Continuously flash and I don’t know much about cars but me and my son need it honestly

A flashing check engine light indicates that there is a cylinder misfire, a common occurrence with this vehicle because of the cheap ignition wires and spark plugs. In your case it may have been misfiring due to coolant on the spark plug wires, after they dry the problem goes away. Hopefully the engine wasn’t over-heated to the point that engine damage has occurred.


The engine wasn’t heated at all when this happened. The gauge was in the middle. Should I have this looked at by professionals? Thanks for replying

If there was coolant on the engine and ignition wires that should have been cleaned off but it is not unheard of for “professionals” to overlook this. Look for coolant stains on the valve cover.

Your alternator belt may also drive the waterpump. It might! If your car overheats soon after the belt is touched than I might make a connection. Overheating can be caused by low coolant. And other things. A blown head gasket can push coolant out but usually you get obvious warnings things are not going well.
So, you have fixed the leaking coolant issue?

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Or they cracked the radiator trying to wedge out the alternator.

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Yes the leaking coolant has stopped

Ah, l like things that fix themselves. Or you could say they replaced the radiator. Since you said it was cracked. Never seen a crack fix itself.

Well the crack is not fixed I’m sorry but there has not been anymore leakage. I don’t know much about cars please forgive me lol

  1. Car leaking coolant

  2. Car not fixed

  3. Car no longer leaking coolant

  4. YOUR car is no longer leaking coolant because it’s out of coolant

I believe my kids radiator has crack also. Too bad the bumper cover has to come off to replace radiator.

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Even if a small crack in the radiator doesn’t leak any visible coolant, it will usually l prevent the cooling system from maintaining the designed pressure, and that will cause overheating problems. The overheating (or an unsteady, drifting up and down, coolant temperature gauge) will often be noticeable only on freeway type of higher speed driving. The cooling system problem has to be addressed before much progress will be possible on anything else.

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The plastic molded support bracket is wet and there is a drip under rad. The coolant hose is above this mount and is dry. No overheating issues. One more thing to fix.

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The car still has coolant in it though and I have been checking it very often and it has not overheated anymore. I plan on getting the radiator fixed but my funds are just a little funny now