1989 2.8L FI Celebrity Wagon - Intermittently Won't Start

Normally runs fine (for 190K miles) but occasionally won’t start. Turns over fine but make no attempt to start - like no fuel or spark. I’m guessing an electrical problem as it will start instantly and just fine a day or two later.

Where to start looking for the problem?


Start by narrowing it down to either fuel or spark.

The next time it happens if you shoot some starting fluid into the intake and that gets it to fire - even if just for a few seconds - then you need to troubleshoot fuel.

If it doesn’t get it to fire use a spark tester or spare plug to check for spark.

Thanks cigroller. Excuse my ignorance… does the starter fluid approach work on a fuel injected engine like it does on a carburetted one - just spray it in the air intake?