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Problems with Veracruz

My 2008 Hyundai Veracruz has intermittent problems with several of it’s features. The dealer says he can’t fix them unless he sees the problem occur which hasn’t happened during two visits to the service department.

I don’t understand why the service people have to see these problem in order to be able to repair it.

When I tell them the doors don’t always unlock when I turn off the engine and placevthe transmission in park, why is it important that they see that happen?

The same with the steering wheel memory position. The steering wheel doesn’t always return to the memorized setting. Again, why do the service folks have to see that in order to fix it?

Any and all help will be appreciated.

Verifing the problem is step one in Strategy Based Diagnostics. You want to make sure the problem is with the car not the customer.

I thought as much, however, since the steering wheel automatically moves into the memorized position when starting the engine and the doors are supposed to automatically unlock when turning off the engine, I don’t understand what I possibly can be doing wrong. All you do is turn the engine on or off and these things are supposed to happen correctly.

Besides, the steering wheel moves into the correct up/down position. It does not always move to the correct in/out position and all of the settings (up/down and in/out) are memorized in one step.

I can understand that approach with other types of problems but not with these.

There is a difference between your observations and those of a professional. You are likely to miss important parts of the mix.

Unless they know what the problem really is it is very difficult to fix a problem you can't see.  That said, you should do some Google searching to see if those problems are in some way unique to that Hyundai line.