2012 SLK-Class repeat steering wheel telescoping problem

My steering wheel telescope (up/down) has been worked on numerous times by the dealership. They would temporarily fix the problem ad it would recur in 6 to 8 weeks. Once it was out of warranty they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to do diagnostic work. Instead they “fixed” the steering wheel by positioning it in a stationery place. Ok want to get it fixed by don’t know who or where to take it.

You need to find a reliable independent shop in your area that works on Mercedes. you can try asking other Mercedes owners who they use and trust.

Sometimes if a problem that was “fixed” under warranty recurs you have some recourse. The fact that the dealer apparently couldn’t be bothered to diagnose and fix it correctly when it was under warranty speaks to how much they care about their customers. Your best bet is to take it somewhere else.


The dealer’s not off the hook

You have what’s called in legal terms an ongoing warranty issue,

This is when a vehicle still has the same problem after the warranty expires that it had while it was under warranty.

So, bring it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it right.

Or, they’re going to be seeing this vehicle forever until it is.



5 years after the warranty expired? Is there no statute of limitations?

This sort of comes w/luxury car ownership. You can probably save a little money by using an inde mechanic w/Mercedes expertise rather than the dealership, but it will still likely be pretty expensive. Ask at a few shops and other Mercedes owners where the best inde Mercedes mechanic is located in your area. Then you can get some quotes and have something to compare the dealership quote. I’m guessing for this particular problem the dealership may still be the best path for getting it repaired correctly.