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Two- day-old 2019 Jeep Wrangler already has problems

had my Jeep Wrangler Sahara two days. lights on dash go on and off by themselves. interior light switches on. screens turn dark. in reverse, screen turns black. so worried i have purchased a bad car.

Give your dealer a chance to fix. While they are doing that, review the lemon laws for your state.

Nope, you purchased a standard Jeep. Get real familiar With your states “Lemon Law”. It will come in handy.


Bring it back to the dealer and let them fix it. My niece had a Jeep Wrangler and put 60k in a few years and it was excellent and just needed oil changes and put tires on it.

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I agree with everyone else here… Don’t even begin to try repairing a 2 day old new vehicle. In fact you should tell them to come and get it from your property and make it right.

Whatever problems the OP is experiencing will be covered by the car’s multiple warranties, and if the OP attempts repairs on her own, it is possible that her solution could void the warranty.

Yes, the OP should definitely familiarize herself with her state’s Lemon Laws, but–unfortunately–the problems that she has described might not be covered by her state’s law. Most of those statutes have verbiage stating that the problems covered by the Lemon Law must be those that… materially affect the safety or driveability of the vehicle… or something to that effect. If they want to be technical, none of those problems are safety-related and the vehicle can be driven, even with those problems present.

The bottom line is that these are warranty issues that the dealership is required to rectify, free of charge. If they are unable to properly repair it after three attempts (this is part of the law in most states), then the OP can try filing a Lemon Law complaint.

It would also be a very good idea for the OP to “kick things up a notch” at this point by contacting Chrysler at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in her Owner’s Manual.


I fully agree with @VDCdriver. Basically you should stand back…cross your arms and tell them to fix this problem on your Brand New Vehicle… ASAP.


Hope everything works out for you think positive.

In addition, keep written records of all complaints and repairs (and attempted repairs). Everything must be in writing in case this turns into a ‘lemon law’ situation. But you’re far from that right now.

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If you bought it new, from a legitimate dealership, this should be a warranty issue.

If you bought it used, I hope you didn’t buy it “as is” without some kind of warranty.

They can’t buy it As-Is, it still has the balance of the Jeep factory warranty based on the day the original purchaser put the car into service.

I realize the odds are the OP bought a new Jeep with the factory warranty still intact, but you never know.

Sure you can know. Go to Jeep’s own site and ask what the warranty is on a used Jeep. Input the mileage plus month and year the car was put into service and they will show you a nice graphic telling you about every stage of the warranty and when it expires. Doesn’t matter if it was sold 7 times, if it within time and mileage, it is covered. Of course if it WAS sold 7 times… Holy Snap, you should make it 8 ASAP!! :poop:

Not if one of the previous owners did something to void the warranty.

…which I realize isn’t likely at all in this scenario, but technically…

technically correct

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The Jeep is 2 days old to the OP. That doesn’t mean the Jeep is 2 days old from brand spanking near 0 miles new. Could have been a demonstrator, lease, or whatever.

Main thing the OP needs to do is head to the dealer and get this on paper while keeping a copy. There’s no chance of a Lemon Law claim without a paper trail.

That poisonous snake cartoon is pretty funny…

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It’s quite possible this is a minor problem, such as a loose electrical connector under the dashboard. Sometimes dealerships install alarm systems on the vehicles for sale parked in their lot, and when a customer buys one they uninstall it, and they might inadvertently loosen another electrical connector in the process. My Corolla – purchased new – had this problem in fact, dealership uninstalled their alarm system and broke a connector. Problem didn’t show up for a couple of years, until one day my knee hit the connector.