Problems with a brand new car



I have a brand new Infiniti (1,200 miles). Yet, when I brake, there seems to be a bit of a buzz/vibration in the pedals. I took it to the dealer about 500 miles ago. He said I should just drive it for a while, but it is not getting any better. What could the problem be? Similarly, the accelerator pedal also seems to have a little vibration to it – are these problems related?


If you feel that the dealership is not being diligent enough in resolving your complaints, despite the high price that you paid for this car, then you need to elevate your complaint to the corporate level.

In your Owner’s Manual, you will find contact info (toll-free telephone number + mailing address) for Infiniti’s corporate customer service staff. Tell them of your concerns, and they should be able to motivate the dealership to resolve these noises/vibrations.


Visit an Infinity dealer and test drive a couple of vehicles just like yours. If they don’t have the problem then I would make sure the service department knows about it. An Infinity is expensive and should be trouble free. I’m sure it’s a minor problem (maybe the ABS system) and can be repaired in short order. If the test drive reveals a similar vibration then the problem is inherent in your model of Infinity. Let’s hope not.


Take it back and tell them the vibration is still there. Make sure you get a receipt for your visit. You should have gotten one for the first visit, too. Always get receipts so that if you have a lemon, you have all the visits cataloged. I’m not suggesting your car is a lemon, but you should always be prepared.


Thank you for all your suggestions. I will try these and report back.