Vibrations and Wooooshing Sounds

I have a 2004 Infiniti g35 coupe. My car recently started making wierd noises. First it was a light hum but now its a loud “wind tunnel” sound. It then begain vibrating a little with the wooshing/dog growling sound. I took it to a mechanic who said that it was a wheel bearing so I had that changed. Now the car is really acting up. The growling/wooshing sound has gotten louder and its vibrating hard. Now the car shakes when I get the car up and over 60 mph. Now the mechanic is saying that I need new back brake shoes, rotors, and pads. He said that the problem comes from me using the emergency brake (which Ive only dont twice since I owned the car). Now I am not so confident because I have pumped money into the car and the problem is getting worse.


You may have delaminating tires, does the vibration feel kind of like a wobble? second idea, when were your wheels last ballanced? Third idea, does this car have cv joints?
Take it to a different mechanic. Also, it may indeed need a brake job given the age of the car. How many miles are on it, and are they road miles or city miles?

I wouldn’t say it was a wobble. I was thinking about getting my tired balanced. I just got my front brakes changed last week and that didn’t help at all. Its close to 100,000

Maybe the shop replaced the wrong wheel bearing.

A rule of thumb is replace both wheel bearings at the same time. If the bearing was shot, the race could also be shot and need replacing. How tight did the mechanic torque the bearing nut? Too loose and it would not run true. Too tight and it will overheat as well as drag more on one side than the other. As far as back brakes, they are either disk or drum not both. so if he is only talking about back brakes he is talking out of his um, well you know, cause it is only drums and shoes or discs and pads not both. try a new mechanic.

Im heading to Mr. Tire to see if balancing the tires and having them rotated will help the problem. I talked to a friend who worked for infiniti and he said that balancing may help. I haven’t used the emergency brake that he is saying went bad. He claims that the rotor has a brake on both sides in the back and thats what is causing the noise.

Kiki Marie, Parking Brakes Should Be Used Daily Or Not At All. Using It Twice Since You’ve Owned The Car Can Cause Problems.

Using the emergency / parking-brake frequently (daily) keeps the system “free” to move so that following your using the p-brake and then releasing it, the p-brake (rear) will properly disengage.

Not using the parking-brake for extended periods of time causes corrosion to set in and grease to harden up, etcetera, and then on the occasion that you set the brake and release it, the brakes don’t completely release and rear brake pads are still contacting the rear brake rotors while you go down the road.

Then the pads will make noise because you’re actually driving with the rear brakes on (could be that “wind tunnel sound”) and eventually you can wear them right out and you will hear a “wooshing / dog growling sound” as the metal backing of the brake pads comes in contact with the rotors. During all this mayhem, the rear brake rotors can overheat, warp from the heat, and cause a vibration.

So, using that brake only once or twice can cause a problem. If an inspection shows that the rear brakes are worn out then they need to be replaced. In addition, the mechanism and cables that operate the parking brake need to be “freed up” or parts replaced as necessary to create a situation in which the rear brakes can release fully.

Picture the clamping device (caliper) on a bicycle that squeezes the “pads” against the rim when you brake. You’ve seen that, right. Now picture them not completely releasing (because the cable rusted inside and won’t move properly) while you’re riding. Your car’s parking-brake system is similar to brakes on a bike. The rotor = the bike wheel and the caliper = the bike clamping device (caliper).

Parking brakes 101: Use them regularly or use them never.

If the brakes are shot, you’ll need to have them done and then go from there. Hopefully that will solve your problems.

I’m not sure what your question was, but that’s my answer. If you’re curious, have the mecahanic show you and explain what’s happened.


The mechanic I went to said that the front driver side wheel bearing was the problem and upon inspection that it WAS NOT replaced. So this is the new problem. I was basically taken for a ride by my mechanic.

Ignoramus 9, This May Come As Surprise, But . . .

. . . you said, "As far as back brakes, they are either disk or drum not both. so if he is only talking about back brakes he is talking out of his um, well you know, cause it is only drums and shoes or discs and pads not both."

Just so you know, some cars use both drum and disk brakes on the rear to cover the functions of both the service brakes and the parking brakes. The drum is integral with the rotor and both pads and shoes are used. I don’t know what set-up is on this Infinity.