Ask Someone: Infiniti G37 #1519000012

I have a2008 G37 sport . I live n Mobile AL. garage kelp. 50.000 mil. no reason should my dash be melting. I’m 75 years old have owned Cadillac, Hondas. Chevy’s at least that old never had so much as a crack in the dash. VERY UPSET>WHAT IS INFINITY GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS!!!

Deanna , how the Heck should we know what Infinity is going to do? Ask them.

I would call your local dealership and explain your situation on the phone

Have your vin ready, in case they ask

here’s why I mention this . . .

My brother has a 2010 Mazda with the identical problem. The dash is literally melting.

Anyways, the manufacturer has a customer satisfaction program, which amounts to replacing the upper dash at no cost to the customer. He already had it taken care of, and he’s happy.

With any luck, Infinity might have a similar program for your car, due to high complaints.

You never know, if you don’t ask questions.

… and especially if you don’t ask the right people, who in this case would be those at the Infiniti dealership and/or the corporate folks…

10 year old car. 50K miles. Hmmm, I’d say Infiniti is not going to do ANYthing about this.

But it can’t hurt to ask THEM rather than ranting here. They can only say 2 things, Yes, we’ll replace it, or No.

I agree. But, Deanna, don’t get your hopes up. No part of any car is designed to be like new forever. In youjr case, the dash cracked. Considering all the much more serious problems you could have had, you should be happy.