Problems with 2008 kia sportage when it rains

My college age daughter is driving a 2008 kia sportage. She tells me that when it rains the battery light goes on and the steering wheel locks up. Can someone tell me what to ask the mechanic?

Does the engine also quit or does it continue to run when this occurs.

Also is the “check engine light” on.

I have a feeling that the engine dies, and this triggers the battery light to go on because the alternator is no longer being turned by the motor. And the power steering pump is not being turned, so she loses power steering and considers the steering locked, not just that she lost power assist to the steering.


I also have the feeling that the engine dies. For me…replacing the spark plug wires usually does the trick but it could be any number of ignition component problems.

This is the key question…does the engine die? If not, it would appear to be a slipping belt.

If she can, have her leave it overnight or while she’s at class when it’s going to rain to see if the mechanic can reproduce the problems

“it would appear to be a slipping belt.”

As long as the symptoms don’t include engine stall, then the solution to this problem is likely to be simply replacing the serpentine belt (and possibly the belt tensioner).