What would cause it to fail

okay just awhile ago i was driving to chicken express and it was raining and there were some puddles and water i had to drive through no more than maybe 2 inches deep i really dont no but anyway when i approached the stop light and try to turn the wheel it felt as if it was at its max but i knew it wasnt and after turn the wheel back and forth i got power steering back and when i turned into the parking lot of the restauranty the power steering went out agin and boy was it hard to turn.

so my question is what would cause it? its a 2001 kia sportage roughly 85000 miles on it and the 4cyl engine

It’s likely the power steering belt got wet and slipped.

It may be worn or loose, have a check.

Loose belt. A bunch of water and not enough grip. The belt could be glazed and xtra slippery when wet. New belt tightened right all set for about 12$.

I think a more realistic price is $50-$100 for this kind of work.

if i did it myself would it be worth $12?