2004 Kia Rio

I own a 2004 Kia Rio that I have been having problems with. Whenever it drizzles or rains and the water seeps into the hood of my car, all of the lights inside of my car turn on. My check engine light, oil light, all of the lights in my car turn on and then my car will satrt slow down and decelerate until it comes to a complete stop. When I try to turn it on, the engine wants to turn on but it won’t and if I get the car to turn on it will stop after a while. This mainly happens in rainy weather but has happened on occassion in dry weather. I lost the warranty on the car a while back and unfortunately the problem presented itself afterwards. I want to take the car to an independent mechanic but I would like to know if anyone has any idea of what the issue might be. The lights inside of my car don’t come on otherwise so I am unsure of the problem would show up in a complete diagnostic. Any thoughts?

Explain the problem to your mechanic. Rain can be simulated with a spritz of plain water over areas of the engine with the engine running. When the area is spritzed with water where the electrical problem is, the engine will start to misbehave.

What you’re really saying is that the engine stalls when it gets wet. Hellokit has the right idea.

Thanks, I had no idea I could do that.