Problems listening online?

As much as I love listening to a commercial for Lumber Liquidators, or Allstate Insurance, what I really want to hear is the segment I clicked on (to listen to online). I can?t seem to get past the advertisement! After the advertisement, it just says ?waiting for at the bottom of the browser window. After repeatedly hearing ads, I?m not going to patronize any of those businesses. Advertising works better when you advertise a product, then give the people what they want!

Am I the only one having these difficulties? I guess I expected a show that?s produced in one of the centers for exclusive higher education could figure out how to make their website work! But, what do I know… except that in the (at least) thirty times I?ve tried to listen to a segment, I haven?t once gotten past the advertisement.

I’ve never had this problem. Reinstall or upgrade your version of Itunes or WM or whatever your media player is. Also, try downloading the MP3 and playing it that way. Good luck.

I constantly have this problem. I ususally give up and download the podcast onto my iPhone and listen that way. I’ve emailed the webmaster about it a couple times, but I never hear anything back.

This is on my work Windows 7 machine in Firefox, although it fails in IE also.

You need Windows Media Player 11. The older versions sometimes cause these problems. Good luck.

also, make sure you have the last version of adobe flashplayer.

Hi JT,

We are actually working right now with the company that created our audio player, to resolve a possible conflict for a percentage of our users. It’s been a nagging problem for some users for quite some time. We actually have evaluated other players, as well, as part of the process. Hang in there-- we are working to figure out some of these bugs that sometimes stall the player as it moves around the web, assembling audio from various locations-- the show segments, the NPR underwriting, etc.


Doug Mayer
Web Lackey
Car Talk

Hi All,

Anyone having problems listening to the show, we could use a hand. Try listening via the big, read “Listen Now” button at this URL:

Does the show play for you? Are you hearing the NPR underwriting message before the show, too?

If you’re still having problems, please share your browser and version, and operating system and version. Thanks!

Doug Mayer
Car Talk

I havent actually heard any show in car talk because of i dont have those add ons. I am scared to down load add ons they may crashed my pc. :frowning:

Thanks - that worked!!! I’ve had spotty success at best with either IE or Firefox… Often totally unable to get either to work…

I am unable to listen to this week’s normally, either in Firefox or Internet Explorer (which has no ad blocking at all, it shows the ads, but it just sits on the screen showing me advertisements and never loads the audio player at all).

Your link works, but it appears to be giving me last week’s show. “Extreme Dashboard Makeover.”

How do I get this week’s, “#1044: The Mysterious Man in White” before it expires and goes away to never-never land?