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Cant listen online

i used to listen to the show at my convenience when i missed it on the radio. now i just get an error 2048 and it says “waiting for cartalk”. anyone got any ideas?

It worked for me. When I clicked on ‘Listen Now’ on the ‘this week’s show’ page, it opened another window. Is your browser set up to block new windows?

no its not being blocked. i was listening o.k. last month. the little window does pop up but the show wont ever play. it does however play the commercial. when i click the play arrow nothing happens and i get an error on my video screen 2048.

If you are using Windows Media Player just download the latest version from Microsoft and install it. If you are using another program just reload it.

it used to play without my opening a player. are you saying i should open the wmp before clicking “listen to this show” ? if so how do i get the player to find the webpage with the show on it?
thanks for trying to help me!

You should not have to open WMP. It should do it on it’s own. Sometimes another program will take over the function of WMP or block the volume. Reloading WMP will get you back on course. Open the speaker icon and make sure all the mute boxes are unchecked.

thanks so much. for some mysterious reason it worked today without my doing anything and did not open wmp.i appreciate you help!