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Problems adjusting shifter linkage

My 05 Cadillac SRX has had the typical linkage issues since I bought it 2 weeks ago.i initially bought a replacement joint yesterday when for some reason the car would pop into neutral.

I installed it last night and had no issue till about a hour into driving. The problem returned.

I then purchased the full linkage and have installed it, but believe I am not adjusting it properly.

It goes into drive sporadically. The shift selector button doesn’t pop out fully in reverse or in 4 (Park reverse neutral drive 4)

Clearly I’m missing something.

We need to know if it’s, RWD with an adjustable link, AWD with an adjustable link, or AWD/RWD with a solid link?


It’s AWD non adjustable.

The Chilton says to push the selector into Park and tighten the bolt to the shifter. This doesn’t seem to do it

Here’s what I’m reading.

*Position the shift lever in park.

*Raise the vehicle.

*Loosen the shift control linkage adjustment nut and let the linkage slide free.

*Hold the shift lever on the transmission against the rear stop in the park position to remove any play.

*Tighten the nut.


Did that. Doesn’t work.

I don’t think those instructions are vehicle specific. I attempted doing it that way and it did not work.

What the dealership head tech said… Was

That the nut fastening the shift linkage to the shifter needed to be perfectly straight…

Which it pretty much is.

I am having it diagnosed tomorrow… Cadillac said it could also be a solenoid responsible for transmission fluid pressure

One thing that was pointed out was, the nut may be a jamb nut.

Which means it can only be used once.

Otherwise it doesn’t remain tight.


I haven’t seen anything indicating that. The nut has been tight when I “go back under”…

Regardless… I’ve taken it lose about 15 times and scooted it over… Tighten test… Loses tighten test etc

I’m not slow… And I’m pretty sure I did everything as instructed. Unfortunately the SRX does not have a on dash gear indicator. So, if the issue is the adjustment, I have no way of knowing.

There’s a solenoid that is responsible for fluid pressure. Without the proper pressure it will not change from neutral to drive, etc. I’m hoping this is the issue and the transmission does not need to be replaced outright