Electro Car-deogram

My cars Temp gauge suddenly topped out and with in a few days I fried my cell phones, my car radio and then the alarms in the car next to me. Here in our fair city and the place were old Volvo’s come to retire I’m trying to explain this to the local mechanic. My mechanic who with out naming anyone takes me back to my childhood in his attitude, demeanor and the way his cigarette ashes fall over my engine as he prods my lovely car for clues as to the current ailment it is suffering. Sadly enough this most recent dilemma coincided with a k9 death in his family and his actions were frantic and far fetched leaving my with out car, home or country. Well with in a day or so my faithful Volvo refused to start in my driveway. Well if it weren’t for the fact that my driveway just became someone else’s driveway as that we just moved, the situation would be simpler. My question: besides the alternator, voltage regulator and the fried wires under the water pump are there any other gizmos that the 18 volts would have taken out.

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, what year 240? Volvo made 204s from the 70’s to the 90’s. A lot of changes happened along the way.

A few items that come to mind are: Ignition system (points or electronic), ECM if fuel injected, fuel pump if electric, starter, ignition switch system, or plainly the entire electrical system.

Since 1993 was the last model year for 240s, this car is at least 17 years old. With burnt wire harnesses, you may have a lot of hidden damage in places you cannot see. Even if you get it running again, you may have damage that could lead to a car fire down the road.

I suggest you just let it go. Let the salvage yard take this one away. There should be lots of ads in the local papers for people that haul away cars for free. I think you should use them.

I would suspect the tesla coil on the roof of your volvo.