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1981 volvo 244 DL

This car has been running great until last night. I was on the interstate and all the warning lights in the dash started flashing and then stopped. About a mile later the car lugged twice and then turned off. The car no longer turns on. the ignition turns on but it won’t turn over. Any ideas about what it could be?

Interesting that you continued to drive another mile under the circumstances (“all the warning lights in the dash started flashing”). This vehicle is nearly 30 years old. ANYTHING could have gone wrong.

Start with the battery. Is it OK?

You said “The ignition turns on but it won’t turn over.” Please tell us exactly what this means.

It sounds to me that the alternator failed and finally the battery went dead. Have both of them checked.

It seems like the battery is fine. All the lights work. When I try to start the car it sounds normal like it is going to start but it just doesn’t catch

First check your alternator belts, then have someone do a voltage check on your alternator. If you have 13-14 volts then go to the battery posts - notice I said battery posts, and check for the same amount of voltage there. If you don’t have the required voltage at the alternator, replace the alternator. If you don’t have the required voltage at the battery posts, replace the battery.
This checking requires that you jump start the car. If it still wont crank clean the battery posts and attempt again. If it still doesn’t start replace the ignition switch - not the lock assembly, the switch itself.
Please be careful about who you accept hints from. Unfortunetley this forum gives some of the mentally ill in our society a place to abuse others by exagerating their knowledge or to sell dishonest dealerships. Never, ever trust a dealership.

thank you very much for your advice