Fuel pump keeps clicking off when pumping gas

I have tried many different gas stations, I have tried refilling when empty, when half full, you name it I have tried it. I have even taken it to mechanics twice and they haven’t been able to fix it. I look like a totaly fool trying to pump gas when the pump keeps clicking off every few seconds just like when the tank is full except my gas tank has plenty of room. Help!

Car Info: Toyota Celica 2001 GT Automatic

There is a vent tube in the fill tube on most autos. If it becomes kinked or slips down in the fill tube, it causes the problem you describe.

There are three causes for this.

  • The pump: try a different station.

  • The vent/filler tubes kinked etc.

  • The charcoal filter.

    The last one is usually due to topping off your tank. If you have been trying to fill to the top and have insisted on filling it as full as possible after it clicked off the first time when nothing else was wrong, you could have damaged the charcoal filter. It may need to be replaced now. See your owner’s manual or a sticker somewhere on your car warning you about topping off the tank.

At some fill-up, the gas tank may have been filled to the max and pushed the anti-spill valve closed. To open the anti-spill valve, if it is closed, use a slender branch, and push it down the gas filler tube. Push against the anti-spill valve to open it. Try to fill the tank. If it still doesn’t fill, have a mechanic work on the fill tube.