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Problem with new Kia Forte 2010 EX

Just bought a Kia Forte EX about a week ago and stupidly never test drove the one they delivered before I purchased it. It was driven from NJ to Gaithersburg MD and had 285 miles on it. I only test drove a demo in another color etc. Anyway, not sure if the problem was inadvertenly caused by me or a more serious car problem and would like a read on what it can be as their mechanics simply aligned the wheels.

It appearas that my car is titled to the right when you drive it…slightly but enought to annoy the heck out of you…like ou have a flat tire. Steering is extremely stiff. I had though after the snow storm’ here climbed a bit of a curb with snow covering it…didn’t know it was a curb. Wheels were out of alignment but problem still exists. What can it be?

Also car lags terribly with pick up from slow speed. THe mechanics told me it was the way cars are no built…throttle automotic. Please advise soonest. I will be test driving another demo to see if it is endemic to brand or whether damage was caused

Also pain already peeled off near door.


Duplicate post.

You didn’t say how big the whack was when you hit the hidden curb. If the front end is out of alignment, some parts could be bent. If it was a really good whack you could bend the unibody. All that would cause tilting and perhaps stiff steering.

Did you drive the car for a few days prior to the storm? If it was OK when you first drove it then the curb damage is likely the cause. You might need to take it to a body shop for an evaluation and if significant repairs are needed you can file a claim with your auto insurer.

Good idea to test drive another version of your car. Make sure it has the same size motor and same type of auto transmission. If you drive a 5 speed auto trans and your car has a CVT auto trans they will drive very differently.

thanks you are too kind for such a great response.
I am not filing a claim.
Car is brand new
I drove it no more than a day before i noticed problems
Car is warrrantied up to 100 K
Still under lemon law…

Car was out of alighnment…it looked like the whole car was and they fixed that but car is still tilting…would their mechanics not see that this is bent since I described the tilting?

it wasn’t necessary a whack…but I did climb without rally knowing…
again shouldn’t mechanice know this even if i didn’t tell them what happened if i said
it was tilting and steering stiff?