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Problem with new Kia Forte 2010 EX

Just bought a Kia Forte EX about a week ago and stupidly never test drove the one they delivered before I purchased it. It was driven from NJ to Gaithersburg MD and had 285 miles on it. I only test drove a demo in another color etc. Anyway, not sure if the problem was inadvertenly caused by me or a more serious car problem and would like a read on what it can be as their mechanics simply aligned the wheels.It appearas that my car is titling down to the right–passenger side when you drive it…it appears like this if you look at window line/dash–enough to annoy the heck out of me…like ou have a flat tire. Steering is extremely stiff. I had though after the snow storm’ here climbed a bit of a curb with snow covering it…didn’t know it was a curb. Wheels were out of alignment but problem still exists. What can it be?

Also car lags terribly with pick up from slow speed. THe mechanics told me it was the way cars are no built…throttle automotic. Please advise soonest. I will be test driving another demo to see if it is endemic to brand or whether damage was caused

Also pain already peeled off near door.


Sounds like you bought a lemon. I thought Kia had cleaned up their act but maybe I was wrong. Contact the dealership and see if they will let you take another vehicle and turn this one in. If not, keep all your records and contact the Kia Zone Manager. Taht’s the route to take if you got a lemon.

What mechanics? Were they at the local dealer? If not, take it to the dealer and have it checked. It’s still under warranty.

The steering problem sounds like damaged suspension.

It is hard to read your article with all of your grammar errors. Anyway, take your car back to the dealer and drive another Forte and see if there are any differences between yours and the test car. If there are, have the service manager drive the test car and then your car. They should be able to determine what is wrong with the car.

If they don’t think anything is wrong, then go to the dealership two on three times a week and tell them something is wrong with your car. If you bug them enough they may just throw a new car at you.

Sorry about the grammar…was at work, tired and very busy.
The Lemon laws from my state, MD require writing a certified letter to the manufacturer. Not up to the dealer. Thanks. Planning on driving another Forte, that is exactly what I told them I want to do.

Sounds like the car was in an accident, either on the car carrier or in that 285 miles.

And you have to visit a dealer at least 5 times to return it. Be sure you get a receipt every time you visit and keep them. I almost returned a lemon once (I live in MD, too) but the dealer wised up and replaced the ac compressor rather than trying to fix it again for the 7th time. I was a nice guy - I gave them an extra visit. Ford informed the dealer of my final visit and you should have seen the eyes of the service guy that checked me in - as big as silver dollars. I still get a laugh thinking about it.

Actually the lemon law in MD says if you fixed steering (alignment) or breaking, you only need one repair but I will give them one more shot this Friday…after that I am contacting the manufacturer for a new one.

FTVP: You hit a curb in the snow and it won’t hold an alignment… is that correct? It sounds like you may have bent the cross member or sway bar. It also sounds like you’re a bit rough with the car. What you describe isn’t “normal.” Nonetheless, you may have been sold a lemon and/or a damaged vehicle and the faster you complain to the dealer and KIA Motors the better off you’ll be.

I bought my '10 Forte EX in August and I’ve yet to experience any mysterious problems or defects. All TSB issues have been handled immediately and professionally. Check the following site for technical info – it’s fairly thorough: Kiatechinfo (dot) com. Good luck.