RAV 4 2006's Weird Noises


I own a Toyota RAV 4 2006, Base, 2WD. I’m the original owner. Eversince I got the car from the dealer I noticed a rattling sounds, like a loose chains evertime I go uphill or accelarating from a stop. I’ve brought the car to the dealer’s service center several times and until now they haven’t fix the problem. The staff from the service center adviced me to shift to premium gas but it didn’t helped either. I also have problem with the steering wheel; it makes a weird noise like “klug-klug-klug” everytime I make a sharp turn or make a turn from a stop. I also complained this one, but the TOYOTA service center here in Saipan, Northern Marianas seems to be inexperience with this type of problems. It’s been 2 year now since I bought the car from them and I still have the same problem. I hope you can help me with this problem. Thank you very Much.



Go back and tell them you are not happy and go to next man up keep going till you get results.
www.rav4world.com is a great site all about rav4s


You have a rattling cat shield which could be stopped with a big hose clamp that you put around it. I don’t think the dealer can fix the steering column. If they could, they don’t know how to make a warranty claim.