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Problem with my car // audi a1 2011 1.4t

Hi guys, I have a question about a car malfunction
I have the Audi A1 1.4T in 2011
Always treated in time recently replaced oil and oil filter and air conditioner filter
Previous treatment was replaced by 4 plugs for Iridium plagi
Now lately that I drive in the car sometimes I give a lot of gas or go up on pits or bumpers, suddenly the vehicle pulls out another stronger sound, and a gas pedal that I press and leave kind of continues to give gas for a few seconds and stops
And to fix it I press the clutch and give a lot of gas and it works out to the next bumper / pit .

and another translate -

Hello fellows, I have a question about an error in my car, Audi A1 1.4T 2011.
Always service on time, recently oil, oil filter and ac filter were replaced, and last time start plugs been replaced to iridium plugs.
And now when im driving and squeeze the throttle or driving above holes or bumpers the car makes different louder sound, and when i let go of the gas pedal it keeps revving for a few seconds.
I’d like to know what do you think! Thank you very much!!

Sorry, having trouble with your terminology…

drop my tail ?
go on bumper ?
seen a 3 garage ?
stay the gas ?

Assuming that English is not your primary language find someone to help you because your post is really hard to understand. ( when I drop my tail or go on bumper ) ?

Thanks for the clarification. Does the noise come from the engine or not? Noises when hitting a bump or hole in the road seem more like a suspension problem. Is the noise from the front or back of the car? It could be suspension or motor mounts if not the engine.

the noise come from the hexhaust … not the regular noise …
And the car does not carry

Partially broken exhaust pipe is my wild guess. Have it put on a lift and inspected underneath for loose or broken exhaust.

its new hxhaust … build it yasterday …

Is it mounted properly.

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@jtsanders beat me to it!

Yea ofcurse … , befure thie exhaust , was remus and its was too with the remus and now …

Please try again. There is no world “remus” in the American language.

For the regulars, I know about Romulus and Remus, but we aren’t discussing the origins of Rome.

Remus =

So that is a “muffler” here in the US, or a “silencer” in the UK. Changing the exhaust, especially this kind of change, will make the car louder an any extra noise after changing it means you should inspect the work just done for errors - leaks or pipes contacting the under car when hitting bumps. Put it on a lift and shake the “remus” to see if there is any knocking sounds. As far as the

but I really don’t understand exactly what your problem IS but the exhaust should have nothing to do with that.

While it’s on the lift move the exhaust pipe, the Remus, the catalytic converter, the suspension, and anything else that might come loose.

as soon as there is a strong movement of the car from a bumpet or something, theste is louder sound coming out if the exhaust, the car seems to be weaker and the gas pedal keeps revving even after i remove my leg of it for a few scoonds

Yeah, that’s almost exactly what you said before, I still don’t understand. I stand by my last post the exhaust should have nothing to do with that.

Did you put the O2 sensors and catalytic converter back into the new exhaust system ?

I’ve given up on this poster, most of his postings are not understandable.

Hopefully, English is not his native language.

edit: and he has made no attempt to clarify any of his statrments despite several questions above.

Audi A1 is not sold in the U.S. - It may be diesel powered - have no idea what pits and bumpers mean - Remus is a brand of exhaust systems - and Bill is correct it is just too hard to decipher what the OP is trying to say.

The only way the engine can rev with the pedal released is if air is getting into the cylinders bypassing the throttle valve. Check for vacuum system leaks.