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Air leak noise after hitting a curb

I have a 2016 Honda civic EX-Turbo and I recently hit a curb due to some really bad snowy weather. I hit the car on the passenger side. After having a look, a piece of my bumper came off, and the fender liner was all gone as well.

I’ve gone ahead and replaced the fender liner. However, there’s another problem that I can’t figure out. When I try to accelerate, I’ll see the rpm’s go up, however, there’s no pull on the car and I hear the sound of air leaking. Can anyone try to direct where I should start looking for this type of sound? When I floor my car, It barely pulls. I’m not sure which pipes are used on the passenger side that I could have damaged.

The car does drive, but it takes a lot to get it to higher speeds for parkway or highway.

OK, 3 year old car in an accident and you fixed it yourself. Do you have comprehensive insurance on this? If so, you should have filed a claim and had all of the problems fixed.

From the description of the sound, you mashed an exhaust pipe flat. Your description of how it doesn’t drive says you’ve broken a CV joint and it is spinning in its socket. You need to get it in the air so you can look underneath. No amount of sound descriptions can beat eyes on the problem.

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Thank you for your reply. Insurance was an option, but due to the a hit and run, I’ve used up my "free allowance’ and I can’t claim anymore without increasing my insurance.

I’ll have a look at the two things you’ve suggested and see. I had the car put in the air to install the fender liner on the passenger side. I did see a tube that was connected to nothing, coming from the engine, but I had no idea what it was.

Being turbocharged it sounds like something in the intake tract was knocked loose. That would explain both an air leak noise and lack of power.

Since this was a curb strike I would strongly suggest getting the car onto an alignment rack. Odds are something is bent to one degree or the other in the suspension. Likely a control arm.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll look into this as well.

Check the plumbing and connections at the intercooler, and the intercooler itself. Those will probably be the lowest pieces of the turbo system and most easily damaged in a curb strike.


Thanks for your reply. Your guess was right on the money. The inter cooler hose and turbo charger inter cooler hose were broken. The piece must of been damaged when I hit the curb. I ordered the parts and should have it replaced in a few days.

Previously I tried driving my car on the highway but as soon as I went to fast all the sensors went off. Now my car stalls and sometimes doesn’t even turn on. My splash shield and fender liner was also broken so I’m replacing those as well. I should have noticed the broken pipe and knew right away.

I hope the damage stops there and once I replace the hoses everything will work again.


You’d better check the suspension as suggested above.

Will do! Thanks