Please help, car spuuters and die


So i have this 2011 audi q5, i spent bunch of money on it and every mechanic is telling different things so please someone who have good knowledge of cars help me.

The car runs fine when idling and when on highway. Its only when i step on gas pedal it sputters and want to die. It died on me couple of times. It doesn’t happen when i push gas pedal further and accelerate more. It doesn’t happen in constant speed whether on highway or small roads, it happens only when car is warmed up.

It showed catalyst converter on check engine light. I replaced it. The problem is still there. If i push gas little harder when taking off, it doesn’t do that. It runs very fine just when taking off as soon as i push gas pedal little bit.

In order to avoid it i now every time push gas pedal little more.

I changed spark plugs already and coils( or whatever you call them that go on sparkplugs).

So no issues when foot off gas pedal or when gas pedal pushed little more. No issues when car is not warm.

Please help me, i don’t have much money.

Anytime there’s a problem with acceleration, the first thing to try is cleaning the electronic throttle body.


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So car runs perfectly fine when idle. Its only when i step on gas pedal . But i goes away if i push gas pedal further



Three ideas to consider

  • fuel injectors clogged
  • vacuum leak (check fuel trims at idle)
  • throttle position sensor
  • sticking throttle valve (per Tester’s comment above)

I had a problem on my Corolla where it would sort of jerk when I slightly stepped on the gas pedal, or released the gas pedal, both situations only happened at slow speed neighborhood driving. The cause in my case was a combination of clogged injectors and a problematic throttle position sensor. In your case however I’m thinking you have an air leak, which is allowing unmetered air into the engine. This will show up in a fuel trim test.

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Thank you for response, so yea, it jerks, only in neighborhoods at very slow speed. It didn’t shut down on me last 2 days i drive a lot, deliver food.
So what makes you think it could be air leak? Was your car running good at idle, at red lights etc?

My car idled ok in the driveway and when stopping at red lights. It never stalled. Just jerked in slow speed neighborhood driving.

It seems like pretty close to what i got, i put 2 bottles of fuel injector cleaner but they may not have cleaned them. Did your problem completely solved afterwards? Did you have check engine light?

No check engine light. A fuel injector cleaning treatment and calibrating the throttle position sensor completely solved the problem.