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Problem with humming and vibration noise in 2007 Tiburon

I noticed that my car makes a humming noise/vibration that gets worse the faster I drive.

I had the front tires re-balanced but the noise still persists.

I recently put my car into a dealership service, at Coastal Hyundai in Melbourne, FL, to have the lower ball joints and front axles replaced. When I had my car back, the humming/vibration was alot worse. It does not occur at low speed but starts at about 40mph and gets worse as going faster.

I have had some problems with a dealership ripping me of, Cocoa Hyundai, in the past so now I am wondering if this is the same thing again, I am taking my car to a different shop to verify that the repairs were actually done to my car.

Can anyone tell my why replacing the lower ball joints and the front axles (front wheel drive) would cause the vibration/humming to get louder and worse?

If there’s a bad wheel bearing making the noise, and the vehicle is lifted to do a separate repair and the bad bearing is rotated, the bad bearing can get louder when the vehicle is lowered to the ground.

This can happen with any component on a vehicle that has a bearing.

I’ve seen it happen with wheel bearings, bearings for the pulleys/tensioners for serpentine belts when the belt was changed, etc…

But from what you describe, it sounds like a bad wheel bearing.