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Humming 2010 Ford Edge

I have a very loud humming noise coming from the back of my car. I had new Michelan tires installed in Jan 2018, and thought that was the problem so I had the tires upgraded thinking this would solve the problem but it didn’t. My son, a Master Mechanic, who won’t look at my vehicle, thinks it’s ball bearings or the differential. I just read your answers to the Toyota man with the same problem but am wondering if mine could be the same issue? Oh, and the noise didn’t start until I put the first set of new tires on the car in Jan, 2017.

Do you have all wheel drive or front wheel drive?

The front wheel bearings on my 2000 Chevrolet Blazer started humming after I had a set of new tires installed. I thought it was the tires for a few weeks. It had around 56k miles at the time. I assumed the bearings were borderline and the process of mounting the wheels put them over the edge.

I would take it an independent mechanic for a proper diagnosis before a bearing fails completely. Does the volume or pitch of the hum change when the steering wheel is turned off center (i.e. changing lanes), this is an indication of a failing wheel bearing.

Ed B.

Does the humming only happen when you are moving, or also when you are stopped with the engine running?

Only when moving

All wheel drive?

It’s the rear wheel bearings. Get them replaced.