Rubbing/humming sound while driving

While I drive I am experiencing a rubbing or humming sound near the front of the car. The sound is there at all times when the car is moving but seems to lessen when turning in either direction. The faster the car goes the faster the hum. Pressing the brake or accelerator only slows or quickens the humming but doesn’t change the intensity. The car is a '96 Ford Taurus that I have owned for less than a year. The issue has only been occurring for two or three months. Any idea what could be causing this and what the approximate cost would be for shop repair? Thanks.


Sounds like you’ve got a bad front wheel bearing

If that’s what it is, any competent shop could handle it.

If it is a bad bearing, I recommend having both replaced at the same time.


Here’s what I believe you need

Chilton labor times says 3.3 hours labor to replace both sides

This does indeed seem like a front wheel bearing on the fritz. OP should listen and compare carefully next time when turning. If it sounds louder when turning left, it is probably the right front. & Visa versa, then it is the left front. OP should also verify prior to consulting a shop it is not related to engine rpm. If it is a faulty wheel bearing, a good inde shop would be a good bet on this, as it is a standard procedure which is done all the time.


$100 for the hub/bearing ass’y and about 1-2 hours labor maybe, per side.