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No tail lights or dash lights

i got a 1986 chevy g20 conversion van for camping trips and the dash lights and tail lighs dont work but the turn signal works and the brake lights work and the headlights work i put in a new fuse and they worked for about 5 minutes then quit working there did apper to be a little watter in one of the tail light bulbs if that helps.

The tail lights and the dash lights are on the same fuse. There is a short circuit in this circuit that causes the fuse to blow. If there is moisture in a tail light bulb, replace the bulb. If you have a trailer light hook-up, check this connector and wiring for the problem.

I’m with Triedaq, if there is a trailer wire harness in the rear then check it for a wire insulation or corrosion problem. It is a common place for trouble like this. Also check the license plate lights for a wiring problem. The trouble could be in the dash area also.