Problem getting car seat fixed

I have another question on the site about selling this car, but I have a more immediate problem with the car regardless. The driver’s seat bottom cushion has a microfiber cover. After about six months I noticed the fabric was already stretched out. Now I know this happens to fabrics on older cars, but this was a new car. So far, I have made five trips to the dealer to remedy this problem. The two times they actually worked on it, they installed a new cover. No good, it was still loose. So they decided to order and install an entire new bottom cushion. Guess what? Loose fabric still. It’s not tight to the foam seat and it will be stretched again soon. The back seat does not seem to have this problem, nor does the passenger side seat. So, after five trips to the dealer, I have the same problem as I had when I started. What’s next? A letter to the Service Manager? A letter to the General Manager? "Contact Hyundai directly? It’s obviously a design fault as the new seat cushion has the same problem. And don’t talk about the Lemon Law in Texas, it’s one of the worst in the nation.

It seems to be a design flaw. I would go through channels and see what happens. Your next stop would be the service manager. This might just be a courtesy call to let him offer suggestions on how to remedy the seat cover problem. But you already know that a replacement is not satisfactory. Then you go to Hyundai. But having the dealer corroborate your story could go a long way towards a happy solution. The dealer could be an asset or liability. I would give him the opportunity to be your ally.