2022 Subaru Outback - Upholstery issue

MY subaru outback wilderness has a very large fold on the passenger side seat bottom, outside edge next to the door.
With the new material also found on the XT model, does anyone have this problem. the car is 1 year old and no one hardly sits in that seat. thanks

OK , if this really is a 2022 use the warranty as it might be covered if determined to be a fault and not normal wear. As for anyone with this same problem seeing your post that is unlikely.


Sorry to hear that, Mr. M, but congrats on a very cool vehicle. How do you like the orange T-shirt tags? I tested both of Subaru’s Wilderness trims, and I looked them over very carefully. I never noticed anything odd about the seat upholstery. I suggest you check out your local dealers’ inventory and see if any have a Wilderness, preferably an Outback, in stock. Then go look at it to see if it is part of all of them or if yours has a quality issue that Subaru can help you resolve. If you can live with it, maybe the dealer will grant you a few oil change credits or Subaru itself will offer you a goodwill credit of some sort. If I understand your description right, an airbag may live under that fold, so I would have it looked at by the dealer. Having an example to view would be a big plus. My local dealer has had these in inventory (metro Boston) off and on all year. Subaru is building quite a few of that special trim. Add an image if you can. It may help us help you. Good luck from a 4-time and current Suby owner.

Whether anyone else has that problem–or not–you should tell the dealership that you want that defect rectified under the terms of the “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty, which covers everything on the car, except for damage due to neglect or accidents. If the dealer is not helpful, then you need to contact Subaru at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

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