Prizim break light

I need to change the break light bulb on a 1997 Prizm LSI. However, I cannot get the lens cover off to get to the bulb. I have removed two screws that are covered by the trunk lid and a nut behind the trunk liner in the center if the lens. There is something holding the lens around on the side of the car. There appear to be two plastic tabs from the lens cover sticking through the sheet metal into the trunk. I am afraid that I will break the lens cover if I try to force it off. What is the trick?

I can understand why you are hesitant to pull harder on that unit.

The signal/drl lights on my Olds van is similar. Try to pull and slightly wiggle the unit at the same time.

You are sure you can’t access the bulb holder in the plastic lens without taking the unit completely out?

What you do is work the side nearest the trunk opening out, i.e. rearward until the attaching studs are clear of the sheet metal and then push the assembly toward the outside while rocking the free end up and down. The outer posts are pushed into rubber grommets. The grommets usually will bind to the posts until the bond is broken.

Hope that helps

log onto auto zone they have a site or this