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I cant get to my tail light bulb!

Hi, I have a right rear turn signal lamp bulb that has gone out. I got out my owners manual, and unscrewed the two screws as instructed, and then tried to pull outward while pushing the studs to get the assembly off. It doesnt come off, and seems to have something holding the assembly on on the right outside corner of the assembly. It is a 2009 dodge avenger. Am I not pulling hard enough or is there something(maybe a 3rd undocumented screw) that is keeping the assembly on? Also, why are they designing these things to be so hard to change other than trying to justify a ridiculous price to change them for you?

I looked it up and there’s just two screws holding the lens on. After the screws are removed, the lens should just pull off.


Chances are you’re not wimp who can’t pull hard enough, I’d look for the mysterious “3rd screw”, that is unless you see a lot of corrosion around the studs that may have “welded” the part in place. I’m not familiar with that specific car, but look around the exterior for phillips head screws that may be holding the assembly in place. On most of the more recent sedans/coupes I’ve owned, I’ve needed to pull back on the trunk liner and replaced from the inside. You may need to disconnect the electrical connector to free it up.

In general, owner’s manuals are junk, look for a repair manual such as Haynes for more detailed step by step instructions.

Good luck!

The manual actually is quite good with pics and everything,and I had to pull the trunk liner back to get to studs, but the thing doesnt want to come off, talk about annoying. My boyfriend believes there is a little white knob-thingy that may need turning in order for it to come off, There sure isn’t a lot of room to work as the liner is held on at the bottom edge of the trunk opening by a knob for a cargo net and it appears not too easy to get off either, so we will try the old mirror around the corner trick to see if this white thingy is the problem. Otherwise, I’m a wimp, LOL! The car is just now 1 year old so its still my new baby, we will try to make some progress this evening and let you know!
Thanks, Cathy Z